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Long-term (6-month drug therapy charts) for high care use

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Compact has designed a specific long-term medication charts for use in aged-care facilities.

Long-term (6-month drug therapy charts) for high care use.

High care (individual dose)—RN admin

  • Makes it easy to document and review resident medication over a six-month period.
  • Saves time and constant re-writing by doctors.
  • Complies with best-practise requirements of the Australian Pharmaceutical Advisory Council.

High care (individual dose) RN administration

High care: (Ref LTMC 01) is used when qualified staff identify, issue and sign for the individual administration of medications for residents

This chart provide six months recording of medication orders and administration. The advantage of this longer overview makes it easy for a doctor or pharmacist to review a resident’s medication history.

This chart is designed to save constant rewriting and transcribing, so that medication errors are minimised.

High care chart can be adapted to suit high and low-care use for those facilities that have ageing-in-place.

Medication categories in this chart include

  • Once-only and stat drugs
  • Short-term drugs, e.g. antibiotics
  • Long-term (regular) drugs
  • Verbal (telephone) orders
  • PRN (when-required) drugs
  • Drugs with variable/reducing doses
  • Intermittent drugs
  • Complementary medications
  • Nurse-initiated medications

These useful special features foster accuracy

All of these features, below, provide information to assist staff with the individual medication requirements of each resident.

  • A plastic pocket, on the front cover, for the resident’s photograph.
  • Space for recording allergies and reactions.
  • Commonly used abbreviations.
  • Areas to highlight medications that require monitoring.
  • Notes about the type of medications recorded.
  • Special considerations provide for important individual resident’s needs. Can also assist with preparation of ACFI.
  • Doctor/pharmacist reviews

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