Long Term Medication Charts - Multidose


Designed to save constant rewriting & transcribing, so medication errors are minimised

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The multidose chart (Ref LTHC 02) is used where only one signature is required for issuing the contents of a multi-dose delivery method (e.g. Webster packs, sachet packs etc).

This chart provide six months recording of medication orders and administration. The advantage of this longer overview makes it easy for a doctor or pharmacist to review a resident’s medication history.

This chart is designed to save constant rewriting and transcribing, so that medication errors are minimised.

High care chart can be adapted to suit high and low-care use for those facilities that have ageing-in-place.

Medication categories in this chart include

  • Once-only and stat drugs
  • Short-term drugs, e.g. antibiotics
  • Long-term (regular) drugs
  • Verbal (telephone) orders
  • PRN (when-required) drugs
  • Drugs with variable/reducing doses
  • Intermittent drugs
  • Complementary medications
  • Nurse-initiated medications

These useful special features foster accuracy

All of these features, below, provide information to assist staff with the individual medication requirements of each resident.

  • A plastic pocket, on the front cover, for the resident’s photograph.
  • Space for recording allergies and reactions.
  • Commonly used abbreviations.
  • Areas to highlight medications that require monitoring.
  • Notes about the type of medications recorded.
  • Special considerations provide for important individual resident’s needs. Can also assist with preparation of ACFI.
  • Doctor/pharmacist reviews

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