Bed Height Indicator Starter Pack


A simple and effective pack to adjust the bed heights to the optimal level for each patient.

Starter Pack

$377.60 +gst

Product Details

Starter Pack Includes:

  • BHISTS - 1 x Stick to Stand Measure Guide
  • BHI1 - 3 x packs of 6 Bed Attachment Straps/Red
  • BHI2 - 6 x packs of 6 Bed Attachment Straps/Yellow
  • BHI3 - 2 x packs of 6 Bed Height Indicator Tag/ Blue
  • BHI4 -  1 x pack of 6 Bed Caution Tag/Orange

Did you know that bed height is a crucial factor for patient safety and comfort? According to a recent study, bed height must be individualised for each patient based on their height, weight, mobility and medical condition. This can prevent falls, injuries, pressure ulcers and infections.

That's why we are proud to introduce our Stick to Stand and Bed Height Indicators, a simple and effective tool that helps you adjust the bed height to the optimal level for each patient. Our product is easy to use, durable and compatible with most hospital beds. It also helps patients stand up more easily and safely from their beds.

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