Compact Visitor Sign-In Book

Signing in Visitors to your workplace is no longer just a formality

In the face of added security concerns and increasing regulatory compliance requirements, the identification and protection of people other than workers in the workplace has never been more paramount.

Compact has a range of Visitor Management Systems that provide cost-effective solutions that target these key compliance objectives:

  • All state Health & Safety Acts stipulate that employers have duty of care obligations in regard to the safety of visitors and the information they provide to them whilst they are in the workplace.      
  • Compliance with the relevant Fire and Emergency Evacuation Regulations and/or recommendations that exist in each State.
  • Compliance with Australian Privacy Principles 3 & 4 which require an organisation to protect the personal details of all visitors who present to and provide their details to that workplace.

Our solution

Custom Designed book systems including your corporate logo, ink colours the ability to display your specific safety and internal protocol standards that allow you to focus visitors on the issues of concern. Create a key safety plank and a premium corporate image – from only 38 cents per entry

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How do you currently sign-in your visitors?

Non vs compliant.jpg

Consider the shortcomings of the open register-

  • Visitors not prompted to be aware of safety policies, potential hazards & workplace conduct
  • No privacy protection for visitor – not compliant with NPP 3 & 4.
  • Visitors have no sign-out prompt. Therefore no awareness of who is on site in an evacuation
  • Visitors travel around the workplace totally un-identifiable to your staff.

Compare the difference that our solution will give you-

  • Visitors are aware of your organisation’s expectations in relation to health & safety regulations
  • Provides key site specific information on the pass
  • Visitor’s privacy totally protected by the glued-on Privacy Sheet
  • Summary Register sheet provides a permanent audit record of sign-in & sign-out time and date and becomes the visitor fire evacuation record in the event of an emergency
  • ID Pass is clearly visible to everyone in your workplace. Visitor is prompted to sign-out

Three simple steps towards health & safety compliance:

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