Compact Contractor Sign-In Books

Organisations who regularly engage contractors are placing an increasingly high priority on implementing strategies that will reduce the risk of workplace injuries or incidents that have resulted from the presence of contractors in the workplace. It is therefore important that an incoming contractor is safely complete their task in accordance with established strategies.

Facts that you need to know about managing contractors-

All State Health & Safety Acts are similar in the way they define acceptable compliance management of contractors. Very briefly, each Act requires an employer to observe and comply with the following protocols:

  • A business who engages contractors must provide sufficient information to the contractor that will assist them to comply with your safe work systems and other site regulations for the primary purpose of maintain their own safety and that of your employees in the workplace.
  • A contractor should be made fully aware of the key safety elements along with any existing hazards that will apply to the type of work and location that their duties will consist of.

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Compact’s Sign-In System – a cost effective alternative

  1. Business Compliance - to assist in meeting duty of care obligations within the Health and Safety Acts of each State.
  2. Risk Management – to become an integral part of the overall workplace risk management strategy 
  3. Duty of Care – to help protect the welfare of contractors and in turn, your own employees
  4. Organisational cost-efficiency – to provide an effective solution without destroying your budget
  5. Privacy compliance - to maintain complete confidentiality of the contractor’s personal and business details

Key system objectives

  • Assist users to comply with important elements of the Health & Safety Act in each State.
  • Help minimise the potential risk from contractors injuring themselves or your employees whilst on your premises. Reduces the potential legal liability that workplace accidents can create.
  • Ensuring that the security of the organisation is not compromised by the presence of un-authorised people in your workplace.
  • Creates a compliance culture within the organisation by showing contractors that their safety and the safety of others in the workplace is a high priority in the overall business plan.

When compliance matters…. we have solutions that really work!

Our sign-in registers provide three distinct layers of control that will not only manage the potential risks associated with contractors but also ensure that your business is fully compliant with National Privacy and Health & Safety regulations.

The Customised Sign-In Pass

With the complex information that often needs to be exchanged between the Contractor and the workplace, the custom designed pass is the preferred option of our customers. It allows the user to create their own unique ID pass that will include their logo, company colours and your site-specific conditions of entry – including prompts and checks that are critical to your safe work systems.

The pass is completed by the contractor at the site entry point, folded and inserted into a clear plastic pocket and clip to be displayed prominently on their outer clothing.

At the completion of the task the contractor completes the sign-out process which also prompts the return of any company property (keys, swipe card, PPE or tools)

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Contractor Privacy Secure Overlay: Secured to the Information Summary to ensure that your contractor’s personal and business details are protected.

Information Summary Register: Retained in the book as a record of all contractor activities and it becomes a valuable audit tool when checking for compliance issues – it records date of visit and in/out times of work, where the work was performed and when they exited the building. The register also provides a means to ensure that all contractors are accounted for in an evacuation situation.



Keeping track of your contractor inductions doesn’t have to be a laborious task of constantly searching through records to check when re-inductions are due or whether compliance documentation is current. With our Contractor Induction Pass Register you can verify a contractor’s compliance status quickly and efficiently.

The Contractor Induction System bridges the gap between the initial induction process and the actual site work request whereby the contractor only needs to complete the Contractor Sign-In Pass for their site entry permit. The Induction Expiry date is recorded prominently on the front of the pass as a reminder for the contractor of impending expiry.

When you simply can’t justify the large investment of an electronic induction system this product provides a great cost-effective alternative.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 Having completed the induction process to the satisfaction of the employer, the contractor receives the Induction Verification Pass which becomes the means of induction verification each time the contractor enters the work site. The Induction Pass is usually completed by internal site staff and provided to the contractor prior to their first entry.

Step 2 Creating the Induction Pass simultaneously completes the Contractor Induction Register form which sits underneath the pass and provides for:

  • A permanent record of each induction for potential audit purposes
  • An up to date Register of Approved Contractors that can be referred to when work is required to be undertaken
  • Provides a prompt for the employer of forthcoming document expiry dates relative to each contractor

Step 3 Fold the Induction Pass at the centre perforation to obtain a business card sized pass slip ensuring that the printed side of the pass faces outward. Place the folded pass inside one of our “cold-laminate” pouches and press firmly together with the heel of the hand to form a waterproof sealed card.

Step 4 Hand the sealed induction card to the contractor for their retention.

Available in both fully customised to your corporate specifications or in off-shelf generic format.

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