Insulin Rotation

Did you know?
According to the ADEA’s CLINICAL GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR SUBCUTANEOUS INJECTION TECHNIQUE; To reduce the risk of Lipohypertrophy, an Insulin Site Rotation Regime and documentation is important.

Lipohypertrophy is a thickened subcutaneous tissue associated with repeated injections in the same site and inadequate insulin site rotation. Lipohypertrophy can affect the rate of absorption of injected insulin. Documentation of insulin site rotation at the time of administration is encouraged in health care facilities as different staff are administering the insulin.

Compact’s electronic medication management software has features based on best practice research. Owing to this, insulin site rotation using body maps was Compact’s earliest developed feature in our emma software. We know in residential care there are different staff administering medications, and having the most superior safety features coupled with real-time, easy to find reports is essential to enabling quality care outcomes.

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