Tango provides an easy way to group and store media and deliver it to colleagues quickly and easily.

Product Details

Seamless and responsive navigation means that all features will streamline your subject content whether it be in a staff meeting, an interview or a conference, making presentations effortless.

As Tango was created specifically for use with touch-screens it means that applications that would normally require the use of a stylus or pen are now a thing of the past. Touch the screen as you would do a tablet, smart phone or any other
multi-touch device to ‘pinch and grab’, resize, rotate and annotate.

Use your own content from existing resources or build new content on the screen, Tango provides a professional way to interact and engage with your audience.

Our interactive touch screens put you in complete control of your meeting or presentation. That’s because our screens are equipped with highly accurate, multi-touch sensor technology that allows multiple users to interact with the screen simultaneously. Tango touch screens can be operated using a finger or a stylus. What’s more, the Ultra HD/4k image quality will ensure that your presentation will truly wow your audience.

The Tango series is a high performance display screen designed for normal everyday use in meeting rooms and offices.

Our new Tango Touch range offers exceptional features, functionality and performance at an amazing price. 

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