Fully Assembled Injury Management Records File


Your files will be quick and easy to retrieve

10 Pack

$95.30 +gst

Product Details

Your files will be quick and easy to retrieve. Almost impossible to misfile.  Organised and orderly. Save space & money.

  • Strong durable file folders for long-term use and protection of contents.
  • Colour coding of¬†file type and year for easy identification and file retrieval.
  • Lateral storage of files saves valuable office space and improves accessibility (also suits conventional filing cabinets if required).
  • Tubeclip fastener fitted to folders to ensure secure retention of records.
  • Printed tabbed dividers provide easy access to information within the file, saving valuable time for staff.
  • Various lockable file storage cabinets for small or large applications where privacy of contents is paramount.

Tab headers included in this set:

Incident/Injury Report, Medical Assessment Records, W/Comp Claim/Correspondence, Medical Expenses, Injury Management Records, Rehabilitation Plan, Return to Work, Incident Review, Corrective Action, Other/Misc.

Assembled Files inc:

  • 10 X VARIABLE TAB DIVIDER SETS (Set of 10 Tabs)
  • 10 X CDF00601M FILES
  • 10 X FA00200 TUBE CLIPS

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