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Use for initial writing or periodical re-writing of chart

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These labels provide an option for Doctors who are unable to attend an Aged Care Facility, to write the residents medications on to a specially formatted label, that can be adhered to a Compact Medication Chart. Use for initial writing or periodical re-writing of chart.

Prior to writing medication details on to the label please ensure that:

  1. Residents name and date of birth are recorded at the head of the form.
  2. Indicate in the tick box whether the medications to be listed are:
    -  Regular Medications
    -  Short Term Medications (Antibiotics)
    -  PRN Medications
    -  Note: Separate labels required to adhere to appropriate section in Chart.
  3. Doctors should sign and date each medication in accordance with best practise (APAC) recommendations.

To adhere labels to Medication Chart:

  1. Check residents name and date of birth to ensure correct chart. The warning panel on the front cover of the Chart will advise if there is another resident with the same or similar name.
  2. Check medication category that has been indicated by a tick at the head of the label and turn to that section in the Chart.
  3. Peel the label down from the top a short distance and align the top of the label with the top of the Chart page.
  4. Slowly remove the backing beneath the label while applying pressure to the front to secure it to the chart.
  5. Ensure alignment of the medications with administration areas during this process.

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