Fully Assembled Contractor Induction Records File


10 Pack

$69.30 +gst

Product Details

Your files will be quick and easy to retrieve. Almost impossible to misfile.  Organised and orderly. Save space & money.

  • Strong durable file folders for long-term use and protection of contents.
  • Colour coding of Students name, file type and year for easy identification and file retrieval.
  • Lateral storage of files saves valuable office space and improves accessibility (also suits conventional filing cabinets if required).
  • Tubeclip fastener fitted to folders to ensure secure retention of records.
  • Printed tabbed dividers provide easy access to information within the file, saving valuable time for staff.
  • Various lockable file storage cabinets for small or large applications where privacy of contents is paramount.

Tab headers included in this set

Contractor Particulars, Insurances, Health and Safety, Job Safety Analysis, Reported Incidents and Risks Detected, Other/Misc.

Assembled Files inc:

  • 10 X VARIABLE TAB DIVIDER SETS (Set of 6 Tabs)
  • 10 X CDF00601M FILES
  • 10 X FA00200 TUBE CLIPS

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