Aged Care Medication Labels

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Food Safety Label

“Prevention is better than cure”

Food brought in to a facility by relatives or friends for a resident may pose a health or safety risk if:

  • Not consumed immediately by the resident and requires storage
  • It is of a perishable nature

The Compact Food Labeling System provides a simple solution that highlights the following:

  1. Name of the resident / patient
  2. Food received from
  3. Food description
  4. Date received
  5. Discard by date

By completing and applying this label to each food container upon arrival - all staff and residents are aware of the status of the food, thereby providing less risk to the health of the resident.

Labels are printed in red for easy identification when adhered to food containers.

Order Ref. CFSL-1 (Supplied in pads of 100 labels, 5 pads per packet)

Food Safety Magnet

A magnetised label holder attaches the labels to the refrigerator, providing a convenient location for the labels and their use.

Order Ref: CFSL- Holder (Magnetised label holder)

Medication Labels

Confirmation of telephone order label (Ref no CTO 1)

This adhesive label has been designed to reduce the time taken between the doctor’s verbal telephone order for medications, and the recording of that order on the relevant section of the resident’s medication chart.

Doctors are supplied with pads of these labels.

Each label is numbered in two positions. While giving the nurse a medication order by phone, the doctor advises the label number, which the nurse records in the “verbal order” section on the medication chart, together with all details of the order.

Doctors handwritten labels (Ref no LTMCDOL 1)

These are for use when the medical practitioner is not using Medical Director program but still wishes to provide drug orders from offsite.

Doctors fax medication order label (Ref no CT 03)

This system provides an alternative to the telephone order label system (CT 01) mentioned above. It gives the aged-care facility the added advantage of receiving the doctor’s orders in writing.

Medication chart strip labels and individual med labels

(Ref nos LTMC-MD1 and LTMC MD2) for use with Medical Director program

RN/Carer labels (Ref no CRL 1)

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Drug of addiction labels (SA legislation)
(Ref no LTMCSADDA 1)

Drug alert labels (Ref no LTMCDA 1)

PRN progress notes (Ref no PPN 01)

Medibib - Disposable Alert Bib

Medibib Reduce the risk

Medibib the disposable alert bib designed to minimise medication round interruptions more../

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